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Crafted in Sweden,
made in Switzerland 

Molderm® – the latest development of dermal fillers.

With the best raw materials from Shiseido Pharma in Japan combined with Swiss high-tech manufacturing and Swedish corporate mentality, quality, and safety.

The product catalog of Molderm® is the dermal filler and bio-stimulation products of the future. A well-balanced series of products that keep their promises. Crafted with a perfect balance to create volume, definition, and hydration with long-lasting results.

Molderm® expands into surrounding intradermal areas, creating soft natural results while allowing for more volume and expansion. Never before has this groundbreaking capacity been seen and will forever change the medical aesthetic industry.

Each Molderm® product has its own unique formula based on the patented fine-tune technology that gives you excellent properties such as elasticity, viscosity, stiffness, cohesiveness, and stretchability. Based on collected data and research all the way back to the 1980s when the industry of aesthetic injectables started, we have created a dermal filler of the future.

Clinically proven safety profile and efficacy profile. CE- marked, GMP certified and ISO certified lab, product, and manufacturing facility. Together with an International PMS (Post-market study), we welcome the next generation, science of beauty, Molderm®.

With Molderm® you get natural, long-lasting results and correcting the signs of aging. We learn from the past how to create a better future.

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