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Aesthetic reporting done right

Let’s reach the next level together!

An all-in-one tool specially developed for practitioners in the aesthetic field. 
Smarter, more efficient, and flexible. Available without additional cost for all Molderm® practitioners around the world.

All-in-one cosmetic tool

MOLDERM 360 App, handles the entire cosmetic workflow to save significant time on a daily basis by simplifying key tasks such as patient consent and questionnaire (filled & signed by the patient directly on the device or remotely), booking, medical pictures, injection procedures, reporting and export of files.


Everything is bundled into one simple App that allows accurate aesthetic procedures management, reporting & follow-up within a few minutes.

The camera tool has been fine-tuned with face guides in order to always take the same pictures at every step of the rejuvenation process. 

All is included for free for you who use the dermal fillers by Molderm. Download your app today and contact your local Molderm distributor to activate your account. 





Desktop platform

Manage your practice, patients database, and your records from a smartphone or a tablet (iOS), but also from your desktop through the cloud platform.

The data can be synchronized on all types of devices and on an unlimited number of devices. 

Through the desktop platform, you can also send out the consent form and health declaration to your patient before he or she arrives.

Never before has it been this simple or flexible to run a state-of-the-art clinic.  


Faster and safer than paper & pencil

Based on a study of the overall activity around injections, we estimate the time saving to be at least 10 min per patient with MOLDERM 360 App, compared to a standard paper and pencil reporting.

In each action, MOLDERM 360 App is faster and better than paper and pencil. 

Working digital should be obligatory for everyone.

By using MOLDERM 360 App you increase the safety for both you and your patient. 


Report procedures
  • Injectables : Botulinum Toxin/Fillers/Fat/Meso/PRP

  • Threads

  • Skin enhancement : Microneedling/Peeling/Laser/Radiofrequency

  • Consultation

  • Customize your own procedures


In a flawless interface, report and customize every procedure.

A “double tap” on the screen adds an injection or a laser treatment, a “hold” draws the wrinkles that have been filled or treated.


It’s that simple. From one procedure to another, you can easily recall product used, placement and amount administered.

Smart cosmetic timeline

Regular picture taking through MOLDERM 360 App will lead to the establishment of a “cosmetic timeline” of patients hence allowing the accurate analysis of the evolution of patients’ facial features as well as the impact of cosmetic interventions.

This can be easily shown to the patient during a consultation.

Data securely stored

Set a password on your iPad to restrict access when leaving it to your relatives. Data are encrypted and stored only on your device.

3x faster than paper & pencil

Take a picture, make patient sign consent, report injections, add observations, and export PDF can all be done within 5 min.

Work with HD images

Pictures can be exported with or without the injection marks. This is useful for the illustration of meeting presentations.

Before and after 

The MOLDERM 360 App Compare Tool allows you to show patients the change in their faces over time. Bringing out the impact of cosmetic interventions will build patients' loyalty as they can easily see how they have improved from the first treatment.

Display with airplay

Show on the big screen with an Apple TV and AirPlay to wow your patients.

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